This is the full, 80 mile grandaddy that went down on April 6.  The route is highly recommended, traveling up through and down Blackrock and rounding the Eola Hills before returning to the farm.   If you’re not up for the whole shebang, I’d suggest riding a shortened version of the route.

While some poor souls road road bikes, I wouldn’t bother doing this on anything less than 28c tires (I’d recommend 32c).  The upper reaches above Blackrock are rough and it’ll make the descent much more fun.

While I’d highly encourage you to ride the route, start and ending at Ryan’s farm isn’t an option.  I’d suggest adding a few miles to the route and either starting at the Oak Knoll Golf Course where the Perry Roubaix began (park at own risk) or the trailhead parking lot in the Basket Slough NWR.   Alternatively, park in Dallas and pick up the route from there.


  • 80 miles; 40% dirt

  • GPS Route

  • Start/End:  See details above

  • Services:  Falls City, Dallas

  • Tires:  28c min; recommend 32c