"Everything I’ve done and will do in life can be traced back to those long days spent on a 20” bike."

1. What is the goal/mission of Broken & Coastal?

The goal of Broken & Coastal is to create a cycling magazine that is tasteful, well designed and publishes content that inspires us to ride our bikes. This means covering a wide range of cycling which you won’t find in other magazines. We’re breaking the rules, creating our own scene and having a damn good time doing it.

2. What is your backstory? Cycling, personal or some combination of the two. (As creative or minimal as you'd like it to be. )

My father bought me my first BMX bike at a garage sale when I was six years old and I’ve been jumping off things every since.

The BMX bike was my way to explore my environment, meet new friends and develop my creative spirit. It took me across the world to Thailand where I organized BMX competitions and even met my wife. It inspired me to make my first website, shoot my first film and led me into a career of the Graphic Arts. Everything I’ve done and will do in life can be traced back to those long days spent on a 20” bike.

3. What is your favorite cycling route in the NW and why?

My favorite weekday rides take place on Mt Tabor because of it’s wide variety of terrain. From road bike loops to secret trail missions on the MTB, Mt Tabor has it all.

My favorite weekend rides take place in White Salmon, Sandy, Falls City, Oakridge, the list goes on and on. I got a taste of Canada last year and it’s some of the best riding I’ve ever done.

When I think about it, my favorite cycling route in the NW is the one I haven’t been on. There is just so much to explore!

4. What is your go-to bike in your personal lineup and why?

If it was up to me I’d ride my Santa Cruz 5010 every single day. The 5010 is a 130mm trail bike that is playful, pedals well and can still hang with the bigger bikes. My desire to ride a bicycle started on the BMX bike, building trails, exploring the natural landscape and the Santa Cruz 5010 brings me back to that. It’s hard to not smile while riding a 5010!

5. What does the next year look like for Broken & Coastal?

This year will be focused on publishing two more issues of Broken & Coastal and overcoming all the challenges of printing a magazine in 2017. Will be building relationships with like minded brands, meeting new friends, riding new trails, camping in new places and rediscovering a life based around two wheels.