Think of it as the lesser-traveled southside counterpart to the Dalles Mountain 60. A companion piece of sorts, Japanese Hollow is a fast rolling course that plays out like a natural surface road ride through the hills, hollows, ridges and valleys of Wasco County, skirting the southeastern edge of Mount Hood National Forest. 

This year's route starts/finishes at Sorosis Park in the highland bluffs overlooking The Dalles. The course climbs south on Skyline through cherry orchards and Garry Oak into the expansive rolling hills of Dutch Flat before corkscrewing down into Upper Fivemile valley. Dipping into the edge of the Mount Hood National Forest, the route climbs out of the Upper Fivemile via NF4431 though dense clusters of dry Ponderosa Pine and snowmelt runoff creeks. From here things descend back into more exposed rangeland via Jewel Road before veering right down into the valley along Walston Grade and 8 Mile Road then onto Japanese Hollow. Japanese Hollow is a lush agricultural valley narrowing as it climbs west along the drainage to intersect Pleasant Ridge Road. Another rollercoaster gravel descent brings it back to tarmac for a short bit before hanging a left to follow Pleasant Ridge for the last winding gravel climb of the route. Pleasant Ridge snakes back down into the Dalles through a satisfying series of tight banked curves and dreamy hairpin turns. You may notice that we've added some fun little mystery trail bits leading into the hills above Sorosis Park. These are, of course optional if a beeline back to the park via Scenic Drive makes more sense at the moment. Your call.

Requisite Caveats, Disclaimers, Advices, Wisdoms: 

- Don't show up without the route on your GPS
- Bring extra tubes and nutrition
- This is a self-supported, unsanctioned ride w/ NO services along the route. Wayfinding, food and hydration are solely the responsibility of those who wish to ride
- This is a relatively remote adventure ride. BE PREPARED to deal with everything that entails and finish what you start
- This is a 100% open course on public roads, open to cars and automobile traffic. Riders agree to RIDE AT THEIR OWN RISK. You and ONLY you will be responsible for navigating hazards as they relate to traffic, roads, general safety and weather conditions. Riders are absolutely under their own responsibility to ride, navigate and conduct themselves safely and appropriate to conditions as they exist in the field. This is not a race, a 'gravel grinder' or an organized event. On the contrary, we are and have always been just a nice group of friends out for a bike ride on a lovely day.
- Riders understand that as a condition of'showing up' (which includes use of any provided GPS data), riders agree to assume all risks and agree to release and hold harmless everyone associated with this ride, including any organizers, volunteers or sponsors.

  • 60 MILES

  • 5395 FEET


  • SURFACE: 70% smooth maintained gravel, 30% paved





plan on post-ride Vietnamese tacos and beers at dirty fingers bikes/kickstand cafe in hood river (1235 State street. ste 200)