This is the classic ride that started it all.  By today’s standards it’s on the tame side, but that’s why this is a perfect introduction into the wide world of dirt & gravel riding.  Take your road bike and learn how to pick a line through loose gravel.  Just keep an eye on the weather, as winds in the gorge can make this a suffer fest and the beautiful climb up Dalles Mountain bakes in the sun (a great thing come winter time).  Warning:  access to the top of the Maryhill Loops is private property…  The alternate is to drop down US-97, West/left on WA-14 ~1 mile, then right at the road for Stonehenge.


  • 60 miles, ~30% dirt

  • GPS Route

  • Start/End:  The Dalles

  • Services:  The Dalles, Biggs

  • Tires:  Optimal = 28-32c