Looking for a dirt route to the Oregon Coast?  Well, look no further!  We’ve discovered a couple great ones, but this was the first and is still my favorite route.  It’s rough, remote and beautiful – just as you’d expect.  You should also expect active logging and changing road conditions year round.  I’d highly recommend a GPS and a good map.
There are slightly more direct routes to get onto North Trask Road, but we prefer this one (Hagg Lake – Stimson Mainline – Timbuktu – Williams is another, which we’ll save for another post).  We took the MAX to Hillsboro and rode out through Forest Grove to get started.   Obviously there are alternative/better roads that we’ll leave to you to discover.  Either way, head SW from Forest Grove and pick up the gravel on Mt. Richmond Road.  It doesn’t end until the far side of the range as you near Tillamook.   Turn around, find another route home, or catch the Wave back to PDX like we did.


  • 70 miles; 75% dirt

  • 2 days; 1 night (or do as a day route)

  • GPS Route

  • Start:  Hillsboro

  • End:  Tillamook

  • Services:  Forest Grove, Lake Stop Grocery

  • Tires:  37c min; recommend 2.1″