Falls Creek hinterland V2

Ridden Saturday july 15th, 2017                                  carson general store, carson, WA

singletrack-centric ROUTE: 71m // 6942ft // 60% unpaved/dirt/forest road // 30% singletrack // 10% paved

allroad ROUTE: 59M // 6424FT // 75% unpaved/dirt/forest road // 25% paved

epic ROUTE: 94M // 9981FT // 50% unpaved/dirt/forest road // 30% paved // 20% singletrack

Moving into our second year we're absolutely convinced Falls Creek Hinterland V2 is going to be the highlight of your season. Pristine forest doubletrack, loamy trails of the elvenkind, cascading waterfalls, deep, dark caves, velvety evergreen forests blanketing mountain and valley alike with nary a clearcut to be found. My friends, the Gifford Pinchot is truly the promised land. 

We've decided to keep it simple with three route options.

It's easy. At heart this is a trail ride contained within a larger unpaved circuit w/ a few simple variables. 

As with Mosier Mayhem, all three variations start out together as shown below in green. The red cutoff bypasses the trail sticking to roads and constitutes the 'allroad' option. The blue cutoff is the return for the 71M primary route while the green continues on another epic loop before heading back to Carson.

The main route will be appropriate for hardtails, 2" plus, monstercrossers and drop bar wizards w/ jedi skills to navigate roots, rocks, drops and steep singletrack. 

Second, we've got an allroad route which cuts out the singletrack completely and sticks to unpaved, forest road, doubletrack and tarmac. This will be appropriate for cx bikes and saltier road riders who savor a bit of jostlin'.

Third, and I say this with a grain of salt, we are providing an EPIC version which includes the additional Soda Peaks climb with a grand total of 94 miles and 9981 feet. While admittedly this may sound heavy, perhaps the ten mile, perfectly banked corkscrew descent along forest road 54 will change your mind. I've done it. I cried a little on the final climb but would do it again in a minute if only for the tears of joy and shivers of elation conjured descending 54.

Consider it. 

Okay, so the CAVES.

The caves are awesome. The caves are serious. You have to go through one fairly intense cave just to get the entrance of the REAL cave. This is not 'small hole in the ground w/ a couple rocks' type cave scenario, this is Ridley Scott 'Prometheus' territory. Come prepared with lights. There may or may not be a bit of the ol' PleasureHunt treasure cached somewhere in the cave zone. 


Come prepared. These routes are harder than their numbers would indicate.

Don't show up without the route on your GPS.

Bring extra tubes.

Don't show up on road cleats.

Don't show up on 25's or even 28's for that matter.

Bring more nutrition than you need.

Two large bottles are the minimum, you should also have a means to filter/treat water and be prepared to do so. There are plentiful opportunities to filter/treat water along the route. If you're unfamiliar w/ this process, get a Sawyer Mini filter. $24 at Next Adventure. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Bring a rain/wind jacket. 

primary singletrack-intensive route

  • 71.8 MILES

  • 6942 FEET

  • ROUTE FORMAT: loop

  • SURFACe: 60% unpaved/dirt/forest road // 30% singletrack // 10% paved

  • TIRES: 40c plus - 2" recommended

  • BIKE: gravel/cx/adventure/monstercross/mtb

  • full ride w gps route + gpx file

allroad route

epic route

  • 94 MILES

  • 9981 FEET

  • SURFACe: 50% unpaved/dirt/forest road // 30% singletrack // 20% paved

  • TIRES: 40c plus - 2" recommended

  • BIKE: gravel/cx/adventure/monstercross/mtb

  • full ride w gps route + gpx file