This is VeloDirt’s signature ride and one of the best bike routes in Oregon – it’s long, remote and amazingly beautiful.  But don’t take our word for it – read about it in, read Ira Ryan’s write-up, or take a look at Matt Haughey and Ryan King’s photos, among others.
The route itself is not to be taken lightly.  Expect lots of dirt and gravel with over 9,000 ft of climbing and some real rough riding in sections.  There are well spaced services, but inconsistent cell service.  As with all rides out this way, watch the weather for high winds and extreme temperatures.


  • 127 miles, 60% dirt

  • GPS Route

  • Start/End:  Deschutes Rec Area

  • Services:  Dufur, Tygh Valley, Grass Valley (cafe only now, re-route to Moro for convenience store access)

  • Tires:  Optimal = 32c