"I think it's a Rockhopper...or is it a Stumpjumper? No, I'm pretty sure it's a rockhopper. well, Either way I think it's the same year as my truck, a 1990." 

1. What is the goal/mission of Cadence?

To create functional, aesthetically pleasing garments for a life committed to cycling in all its forms.

2. What is your backstory? 

Grew up in Fargo ND obsessed with skateboarding. Fell into being a Bike Messenger in Sacramento CA. Started Cadence in San Francisco in 2003. Haven't looked back since.

3. What is your favorite cycling route in the NW and why?

Anything by Ryan Francesconi.

4. What is your go-to bike in your personal lineup and why?

The bike is determined by the ride. N+1 has led me down the path of too many bikes for a go-to.

5. What does the next year look like for Cadence?

Projects, rides and healthy living.