Unpaved / OMTM 2017 Ride Series


//// Winter

Jan 21st Hell Of The North (Plains)

Feb 25th The Timber Logjam

//// spring

Mar 25th stub stewart trailwork day

April 15th japanese hollow

may 13th The DArk Larch 2017: Slightly Darker

june 17th Mosier Mayhem

//// summer

july 15th falls creek hinterland

august 12th the holy mountain

september 17th ripplebrook backroads


Other related pnw events you want to do:

Feb 4th Cascade Super G $$

Mar 11th Dalles Mountain 60 Velodirt lives!

Apr. 22nd Oregon Coast Gravel Epic $$$

June 10th Oregon Stampede p/b 21st Ave Bikes / Velodirt

Aug 12th Rapture p/b 21st Ave Bikes