Lowlands, highlands and those in between

As winter tightens its grip - and the passes become less passable - a glimpse of spring is only moon movements away. From the Highlands to the Lowlands and everything in between ~ rejoice as Brother North Wind blows his final breath bringing the promise of longer and warmer days to come.


OMTM: Holy Mountain: Æventyri Psychédélique

Undertaken in observance of the autumnal equinox, The Holy Mountain was a sacred symposium, a psychic innervision, a symbolic spirit-walk, a closing of the proverbial circle to appease our patron singletrack deities, be they of the olde order or the new. This playlist was prepared to serve as palette cleanser, a means of meditative focus and harmonic purification for the participants on their journey.

Did it work?

Not sure.



Compiled as a companion to the Dark Larch ride event in summer of 2016, amid 100° plus temps and sweltering doldrums of late August. The soft, smooth + slightly melancholic FM radio gloss of late 70s/early 80's LA seemed to be calling. Swimming pools. Gentle breezes. Hazy canyons. Heat waves rising from the concrete. Chablis on the beach at sunset. Feel it. 


ØMTM // Møsier Mayhem Skullcrusher

Blacker than the Sigil of the Cløven Hoof , Bleaker than the tormented soul of Bård 'Faust' Eithun. Darker than the basement of Helvete on a moonless winter's night, ØMTM'S Mosier Mayhem Skullcrusher is but a taste of the infernal misery and ceaseless torment of Mosier Mayhem's first 30 miles of climbing. There will be lamentation, weeping, gnashing of teeth and whiskey from the drinking horn.  



Ramblin roads, dusty trails, freak flags, mellow mountains, shady lanes, backcountry boogie and maybe just a little effin & jeffin as our way of putting a little extra cush in your push. 

>> Take it easy.

<< If it's easy, We'll take it.