I'm easily distracted you could say. in the end it's my baby and I love taking risks; pushing the envelope of what it means to be a bike shop in this day and age. I don't mind drastic change without thinking things through. it's contrary to how most people operate a businesses.

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1. What is the goal/mission of Velocult?

In the beginning it was just about building a shop that I would enjoy if I were the customer. Basically to build my dream shop without consideration for the customer to keep it as real and pure as it can be. That obviously opened my eyes up to the fact that I didn't just want a bike shop and that I was more diverse than just bikes and therefore my shop should reflect that. 

2. What is your backstory?

I began cycling as a typical kid on a BMX bike although I spent a lot of time on my bike seeking adventure since I never really had parental figures and I could be gone as long as I wanted. By the time I was 9 years old I got recruited into hot and heavy track and road racing with mountain bike racing as a cross training. Turns out I was far better at mountain biking and went full time mountain bike as a racer while still doing track and road for training. Since I was racing  nearly every weekend of the year I could only really get a job a bike shop and since I was sponsored by a shop at the time my first job was a shoo-in at 15. I ended up working at many shops and managed a few as well. I never really liked any of them and it's that dislike that pushed me to make Velo Cult different for better or worse. I figure if I can build the shop I like customers will feel like they are entering someone's passion when they walk into my shop. 

3. What is your favorite cycling route in the NW and why? 

Being as I'm a mountain biker, mostly my love is in the high desert trails like in Bend and honestly what most of the PNW is. Honestly since moving to Portland I have had my head down working and there are tons of trails on my bucket list still so I'm going to hold off on picking a favorite right now, I believe my favorite is still out there waiting for me. All of those areas are take quite a bit of driving and therefore demand a lot of my time and right now I'm just not able to travel like that with a family and a growing business.  

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4. What is the go-to bike in your personal lineup and why?

That's tough. I pick my bike based on the conditions and trails. I will say that there is a bike that I will have the rest of my life even if I'm homeless at some point. It's my 1992 custom Curtlo with Action Tec fork. It's an old hard tail but it kicks ass on pretty much everything. It could be single track, fire roads, CX, even on pavement. That bike just feels like an extension of me, think it and the bike does it. It will have it's limitations on some terrain but overall it's the one that puts a smile on my face most often. That's my favorite but with our local terrain I do tend to grab a full suspension modern rig more often.  

5. What does the next year look like for Velocult?

I don't plan too much. I like to keep things fluid around here and I mix things up on a whim. In the 11 years we have been in business I've drastically changed the biz countless times. I'm easily distracted you could say. But in the end it's my baby and I love taking risks and pushing the envelope of what it means to be a bike shop in this day and age. I don't mind drastic change without thinking things through, it's contrary to how most people operate businesses but too much planning takes away the fluidity of how we adapt and move forward. I never want VC to considered run of the mill or ordinary. That being said I feel we have a lot of areas we can grow and I will leave it at that.