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1. What is the goal/mission of 21st Ave Bikes?

To help as many people as possible enjoy cycling through knowledge and the right equipment.

2. What is your backstory?

I Have always been an endurance sport minded individual, with a background in many years of soccer. I have always enjoyed the metaphysics of where running and cycling can take you. I am generally a very extroverted person that loves solitude. Everything, is like, connected, man.

3. What is your favorite cycling route in the NW and why?

Favorite cycling route is a tough one. I've ridden many that are my favorite and I am sure I'll ride more that I will like even more.

4. What is your go-to bike in your personal lineup and why?

Specialized Diverge. I do a mix of road and gravel. It handles my ratio of those terrains really well. It is stable, fast, and suited to the all-day rider.

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5. What does the next year look like for 21st Ave Bikes?

My goal is to have more events in the neighborhood this spring and summer. Some of which, not even cycling focused. Keep an eye out on the website.